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Shadow Work Residential Weekend

Friday 12th - Sunday 14th March 2021
Near Totnes, Devon, UK
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Would you like to:

...experience greater awareness of and  freedom from the old patterns that hold you back in your life?

...gain more control of your emotions (rather than them controlling you)?

...heal emotional wounds from the past?

...access more of your vital life force energy?

...find the 'real you'?


Shadow work can:

...offer a safe space where all parts of you are welcome, where you can transform issues at the 'root' and find the 'gold' in even the darkest places. an intensive, experiential and often cathartic process which allows you to explore all parts of yourself deeply and, above all, safely.


...empower you to explore and change limiting and destructive behaviour patterns, and understand and heal situations that 'trigger' you, so that you can live life more fully and with more choice.

If you have a "yes" for any of this...​

then join us this Spring for a weekend Shadow Work journey in the heart of the Devon countryside...

What you will experience...

The weekend will be limited to 8 participants. It is open to everyone, whether you are completely new to this type of work, or have loads of experience of diving deep into self development.

Each participant will have the opportunity to do their own in-depth piece of facilitated 'process work'. The weekend will also include various individual, pair and group exercises to build trust and safety, prior to the process work. Participants find they gain a great deal from being part of the circle, from  the initial 'container building' exercises and self reflection, and from witnessing and supporting others in doing their work.

You will be well cared for; all food and accommodation in single occupancy rooms is included in the price.

The centre is equipped with underfloor heating, a spacious group room in which we will be working, and there is also a separate kitchen / dining area, and outdoor fire circle. We will be surrounded and held by the centre's beautiful grounds, and by the wild nature of the surrounding Devon countryside. The building runs on solar and green energy suppliers, produces fresh filtered water from the on-site borehole, kept toasty by underfloor heating and uses sustainable products.

We will be nourished throughout the weekend by meals provided by our chef Sophia Young. Her vegetarian and organic food is delicious, nutritious, and cooked with attention to detail, care and love!

The weekend is facilitated by certified Shadow Work Facilitators Tim Hall and Melanie Ward.

What our past workshop participants say:

"Tim and Mel are skillful in creating a kind, open - and most importantly - safe space to explore, cry and laugh together. I’ve never experienced healing quite like it.”


“I found the weekend incredible… There is no doubt that [it] has been monumental in shifting my psychological issues, illuminating why I have felt the way I have and helping me to access the pain I have buried for so many years - life-changing. I have had counselling on and off for 7 years, and have had counselling now for 4 years straight, but I feel I have learned more about myself and expressed more emotion and pain [during the weekend] than in those whole 7 years! I have really noticed a difference with how I am relating to people, everyone seems more open and easy to talk to, my client work has seemed far deeper too. Thank you so much you were all amazing, I am so in awe of your work, love, empathy and wisdom.”

Sarah Thomson Dip Couns MBACP.

"I was struck by the skill, sensitivity and integrity of your holding and facilitation, and the way that you work together, each of you bringing your own skills and personal qualities, which weave together in a fluid and complementary way."


“Easily the deepest inner work I have done, it would have been easy for me to back away from it and not have the courage to go there. But with your careful, attentive and gentle facilitation I was able to step far enough into the fear for something big and meaningful to happen. I felt encouraged and supported to go deeper without feeling pressured to do so.  As facilitators I found you both to be very respectful, warm, approachable and competent. I did not feel a sense of ego or agenda from you at all… It was as though you got yourselves out of the way in order to let the work happen. The weekend for me was very powerful and I felt incredibly safe the whole time…”

Rosie Freeman

“Thank you so much for the amazing Shadow Work weekend and the wonderfully skillful and loving way in which you held it all, and us. I thought it was incredible how quickly we as a group were willing to dive in deep - testament to the integrity, sensitivity, intuition and deep empathy with which you worked. I felt completely safe and trusting right from the start, and I couldn't have asked for anything more from my first experience of Shadow Work. 

My own process has brought a new love and respect for myself and a sense of liberation. And it was incredibly moving to also play a part in others' processes, and to notice how insightful that also was for me. I was very touched to feel the respect with which the whole group interacted and worked with each other; a deep honouring of each others' processes. It was really masterful how you worked for so many hours with such intensity - what a really impressive feat to be so present for every member of the group, and with such love and care and understanding.”


"Due to Tim and Mel's caring and masterful facilitation I was able to bring out and release deeply buried pain from childhood. I look forward to a brighter future less clouded by shadows from the past."

Joe Lee

Practical information


Near Totnes, Devon, UK

A dedicated eco-retreat centre, set in its own grounds, in the beautiful, wild landscape of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


The weekend runs from the evening of Friday 12th until the afternoon of Sunday 14th March 2021



(2 lower cost concessionary places are available, for those in financial need.)

Price includes accommodation and all meals, drinks and snacks. (Food is vegetarian and organic wherever possible. Special diets can be catered for by request; please talk to us on booking.)

To book or for more info:

To book your place, or if you have any questions, please contact us. The weekend is limited to 8 people so please book early to ensure your place.