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What our clients and
workshop participants say

What participants are saying about our Shadow Work Weekends...


“Easily the deepest inner work I have done, it would have been easy for me to back away from it and not have the courage to go there. But with your careful, attentive and gentle facilitation I was able to step far enough into the fear for something big and meaningful to happen. I felt encouraged and supported to go deeper without feeling pressured to do so.  As facilitators I found you both to be very respectful, warm, approachable and competent. I did not feel a sense of ego or agenda from you at all… It was as though you got yourselves out of the way in order to let the work happen. The weekend for me was very powerful and I felt incredibly safe the whole time…”

Rosie Freeman

Shadow Work Coaching Devon

"Tim and Mel are skillful in creating a kind, open - and most importantly - safe space to explore, cry and laugh together. I’ve never experienced healing quite like it.”


“Thank you so much for the amazing Shadow Work weekend and the wonderfully skillful and loving way in which you held it all, and us. I thought it was incredible how quickly we as a group were willing to dive in deep - testament to the integrity, sensitivity, intuition and deep empathy with which you worked. I felt completely safe and trusting right from the start, and I couldn't have asked for anything more from my first experience of Shadow Work. 

My own process has brought a new love and respect for myself and a sense of liberation. And it was incredibly moving to also play a part in others' processes, and to notice how insightful that also was for me. I was very touched to feel the respect with which the whole group interacted and worked with each other; a deep honouring of each others' processes. It was really masterful how you worked for so many hours with such intensity - what a really impressive feat to be so present for every member of the group, and with such love and care and understanding. With gratitude, appreciation and love.”


"I was struck by the skill, sensitivity and integrity of your holding and facilitation, and the way that you work together, each of you bringing your own skills and personal qualities, which weave together in a fluid and complementary way."


“I found the weekend incredible… There is no doubt that [it] has been monumental in shifting my psychological issues, illuminating why I have felt the way I have and helping me to access the pain I have buried for so many years - life-changing. I have had counselling on and off for 7 years, and have had counselling now for 4 years straight, but I feel I have learned more about myself and expressed more emotion and pain [during the weekend] than in those whole 7 years! I have really noticed a difference with how I am relating to people, everyone seems more open and easy to talk to, my client work has seemed far deeper too. Thank you so much you were all amazing, I am so in awe of your work, love, empathy and wisdom.”

Sarah Thomson Dip Couns MBACP.

"Due to Tim and Mel's caring and masterful facilitation I was able to bring out and release deeply buried pain from childhood. I look forward to a brighter future less clouded by shadows from the past."

Joe Lee


What clients say about working with Tim...

"Tim holds a space of deep healing where sacred caring and gentle, non-judgemental guidance blend with the ancient art of reflexology. With an open heart and mind he is able to receive every message of the body and the soul, tailoring sessions to each unique moment and need.
In the Healing Room I have felt held in light and nurtured in complete trust, respectfully accompanied on my own healing path. Much more than a treatment, Tim’s reflexology is a coming home to one’s sacred self."


Divine Healing

"Tim creates a safe strong space to explore breath work. The sessions I have had have felt transformational and powerful in an environment where I have felt both supported and challenged. Breath work with Tim has allowed me to move blocks and shift anxiety and has been truly helpful. Both during the process and afterwards. Tim holds a beautiful space where I have always felt listened to and supported."



What clients say about working with Melanie...

"Initially I came for shiatsu for back problems having tried [several other treatments] in the past… Shiatsu more than helped my back problems, but it also provides me with a sense of wellbeing, incredible relaxation and a sense of being at peace and able to take on the world."


"Having already spent years unravelling and uncovering emotional wounds and feeling like I was on a rollercoaster, I felt little wary of what I might experience in the shadow work sessions.  As ever, Mel's courage and humility and skill with which she supported me, and helped to navigate my internal landscape, enabled me to explore with a delightful lack of self consciousness.  I expected to encounter dark and terrifying parts of myself.  I was surprised and so happy to find that actually - I just found 'me'."
Terry, Exmoor.

"Thank you so much Melanie for the beautifully held session today. I felt incredible choice and permission to go as deep as I actually needed which I haven't experienced with a practitioner before. Deeply and genuinely grateful."

Allie W, Holistic Declutterer

Sunset Views

"You have helped me more than anyone else in my adult life... At each session there is the discussion side first and then the bodywork and it always feels like I’ve had two sessions in one – emotional and physical healing. You seem to intuitively know the right thing to do ... and this has inspired me to follow my instincts [more]... You’re such a genuinely caring, understanding person. I feel lucky to have had this experience with you and I’m eternally grateful. Thank you!"

Andrew Savage

“The help you have given me is enormous and works on at least four levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I am truly coming into my own; becoming more of who I am and feel happier and more nourished in places that I thought would always be sad and empty. I am managing to believe in my own beauty, and that is a transformation so great I would not have believed it possible. I am, and will always be, hugely grateful to you.”

Mark Maddrell

“I was suffering from severe fatigue, as well as a deep emotional trauma which was having a direct impact on my health. The medical profession ... offered little advice ... other than to rest. I was literally bed bound for 4 months and felt very fearful that I might continue in such a state. When I first started Shiatsu I was very weak ... but after my first session I felt very relaxed, and for the first time in months had a genuine instinct that things would begin to get better. Melanie was excellent at judging the type of treatment I needed from week to week. As the treatment continued my body began to fall into balance. I do feel much better now and feel it's of great importance to continue with Shiatsu on a regular basis ... Melanie was a great, great support through some very dark times, and obviously has an indescribable talent when it comes to healing.”


"Your strong but gentle hands have worked wonders...! Thanks to you I am now almost free of pain and feeling much more optimistic than I was when I first came to you..."

Ashira McCloud

"Melanie's approach of 'we're exploring this together' feels like she is my companion on a mysterious journey. Through her acknowledgement and acceptance I've been able to open doors within me that I've been in fear of for years. Now I know more of myself than before [and] am more able to accept and even love the woman that I am."

Terry Bruce, Yoga Teacher