Tim Hall

Transformational Breathwork, Spiritual Healing, Reflexology
& Shadow Work

Tim has been practising healing and self development since 1992 and is qualified in Transformational Breathwork, Spiritual Healing, Reflexology and Shadow Work, with a wealth of experience working with plant medicines including the Bach remedies. The gifts and skills he works with acknowledge our innate nature as spiritual beings experiencing and expressing ourselves through our mental, emotional and physical bodies holistically.


Tim works with the tools he has found effective in his own journey. His work is a reflection of his own path as he endeavours to be that which he shares. Welcoming you just as you are in each moment and supporting you to choose the path forward that you want to take will allow you to be your best self in any moment and share your gifts and passions for life. We can live our lives fully and freely with presence and with Love and with harmony comes healing and reconnection to ourselves, each other and our environment.

Tim is a full Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (since 1994), a qualified reflexologist (since 1996) and a certified Transformational Breath Facilitator (since 2001). Tim is a fully certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator after 5 years training and preparation.

For many years he lead programmes for Embercombe and was a council chief on the Embercombe Council. He was also the beekeeper for Embercombe, practising and teaching natural, bee-first beekeeping for over 10 years.

Mission statement: I create a beautiful world of loving presence, embodied wisdom and empowered creativity by fully and lovingly allowing, acknowledging and accepting myself and thus allowing, acknowledging and accepting all other beings in their fullness.

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