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Transformational Breath

with Tim Hall

About Transformational Breath

Breathwork in Devon

An extraordinary, powerful and profound healing process to bring you fully into the present; to yourself. Transformational Breathing opens up restricted and shallow breathing patterns.

A full and open breath leads to the vast array of benefits from increased oxygen intake into the body, as well as opening access to all areas of the body for life force to flow freely. With improved energy levels and support for the body's natural healing system you can experience better health.

Restricted areas associated with suppressed and repressed experiences are gently and safely opened allowing for acknowledgement, acceptance and integration. This leads to freedom from self-limiting patterns and reactions, opening us to more possibilities and to greater acceptance of what is.

After a few facilitated sessions you will be able to take this wonderful practice and use it for your own self-healing and development.

Tim is able to facilitate breathwork for individuals and couples, and breathwork for groups by arrangement.


Prices and information for clients


Sessions last an hour and a half and are charged on a sliding scale of £60 - £80

Couples sessions on a sliding scale of £90 - £120

Please pay what is affordable for you within the scale.

If these prices are unaffordable for you please contact me as I don't want money to be a limiting factor in offering this work.


Cancellation policy:

Please note that I ask for 48 hours notice for changes or cancellation of appointments; for changes or cancellations within 48 hours, the full fee will be payable.

To book or for more info:

If you require more information, or if you have any queries, please contact me; I will be happy to talk with you.


"Tim creates a safe strong space to explore breath work. The sessions I have had have felt transformational and powerful in an environment where I have felt both supported and challenged. Breath work with Tim has allowed me to move blocks and shift anxiety and has been truly helpful. Both during the process and afterwards. Tim holds a beautiful space where I have always felt listened to and supported."


Transformational Breathwork Devon
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